JTC, Inc. provides full service architectural finishes for new construction, maintenance painting, waterproofing and more in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

JTC Coating has a very long history as New Mexico’s most well respected...


We offer decorative epoxy flooring in a wide variety of colors and styles, as well as industrial flooring and chemical resistant containment coatings for the harshest of environments and uses. We own and operate a variety of shot blasters and large diesel generators...


Our in shop blasting and coating facility’s is truly “state of the art”. Our ability to supply engineered coating systems in a controlled environment under the supervision of certified coating inspectors is extremely essential to many projects...

Commercial Painting

JTC, Inc has a very long history as Albuquerque’s–and New Mexico’s–most respected architectural and commercial painting contractor

Albuquerque’s landscape is truly our canvas. A significant number of the...

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a broad term. JTC, Inc. is Albuquerque’s leader in the epoxy flooring industry. We provide knowledgeable epoxy flooring solutions. We recognize that proper specifications, specifically suited to our clients unique...


Q. What are the dimensions of your blast and paint booth?
A. Our blast room, located in Albuquerque, NM, measures 24’ wide x 22’ high and 80 feet long. Our paint booth measures 25’ wide x 22’ high and 100’ long.


JTC, Inc. operates New Mexico’s most advanced fully enclosed and environmentally controlled in-shop blasting and coatings facility. All blasting and coating operations are overseen by multiple NACE certified coating inspectors.



Explore the list of our suppliers, to help make your choice of coatings, and more. We have a variety of suppliers, each providing excellent finishes and adding that top notch touch that every client is looking for. We have partnered with the nation’s largest and most sophisticated coatings manufacturers. We have multiple NACE® certified coating inspectors, including a NACE level 3 with added Nuclear Power Plant Certifications. JTC, Inc. has performed thousands of hours of work under NQA-1 compliance. Over time and many clients, we have established a trust between us and our clients bringing them innovation, reliability, and value for each and every unique client.