Retail business operators might be at their peak form when they briskly sell quality goods and the customers leave satisfied. Sometimes, however, it’s the atmosphere of the store that helps close the sale. In a July 25, 2012 article for Entrepreneur magazine, contributor Jane Foster writes:

“Shoppers most often choose what they buy based on color. In fact, it can account for up to 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another, according to the Color Marketing Group, a professional organization for color designers in Alexandria, VA.

Color’s influence on consumer behavior isn’t confined to just merchandise. The colors surrounding customers while they’re shopping also can influence whether they make a purchase.”

Albuquerque’s status as a fine city for business and quality of living endears itself to retail operators who want a stake of the local market. A check of the city map may show you stores that are not quite apart from each other, but you still want your place to stand out over everybody else and reap good sales revenues. All you need to get things going is to talk to Albuquerque commercial painting contractors such as the talented people at JTC Coatings, Inc.

Commercial Painting Contractors in Albuquerque Adding to Better Sales

Colors tell a story of their own, and that may carry over to what your establishment’s theme is and the kind of products/services you offer. Some color psychologists maintain that there are colors which are permanently associated with the environment, such as green for the forest, red for fire, and blue with water and clear skies. Hunting supplies stores, for example, can sport walls or shelves decked in tones of brown and green.

Market research should also determine which colors will work with certain demographics. If your store is catering towards Asian Americans, for example, a red color scheme for the store works, as red is synonymous with celebrations and good fortune. Never forget to adapt the official colors of your store’s branding.

It is important that your customers’ mood be calmed down to help them reach an educated decision on buying a product. According to Porter, light colors such as orange and brown are “reassuring” to shoppers, and promo shelves with cues such as red arrows can make customers stop and see the items. While adequate lighting can highlight the peaceful mood, your contractor may advise limiting certain colors as accent material to better highlight the merchandise.

“What’s life without a little color?” some people may ask you. Reputable NM commercial painting contractors like JTC will help you answer that question.

(Source: 5 Ways Store Colors Can Influence Shoppers, Entrepreneur)