Commercial Painting Services

The following is a brief list of various services that we offer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and some surrounding areas. After forty-four years as Architectural Painting experts and Commercial Painting Contractors in the industry, we have installed a multitude of coatings and finishes. Among the list is a short description of the high-quality services that we provide.


Zinc, Epoxy, Urethane Coatings: our zinc, epoxy, and urethane coatings bring your flooring a high gloss, excellent UV protection, and great abrasion resistance.

Mortar Coats: For maximum impact and chemical resistance for concrete surfaces.

Containment linings: We install containment linings that withstand everything from oil, gas, water, wastewater, harsh chemical and fuel storage.

Chemical resistant coating systems: Our chemical resistant coating system provides our clients a number of features; chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, intensive abrasion resistance, great durability, and a simpler much easier clean-up.

Steel finishes: Our steel finishes are corrosion resistant, ensuring a long lasting duration.

Concrete finishes: JTC, Inc. provides excellent service when completing concrete finishes as well. We install clear sealers, flexible parking deck coatings to decorative epoxys.

JTC, Inc. also provides full services for office and hotel remodels. We install 54” vinyl and perform drywall finishes.



Restoration has never been easier, just leave it to us. We provide the following to each and every client upon request; Water proofing, Parking deck coatings, Mulitspec, zolotone, Industrial Flooring, MMA’s, Custom wood finishes, Prefinished wood packages, Concrete stains, and Protective wall board (korogard, Acrovin).

Shop Finishes:

Our shop finishes are premium quality as well, ensuring the motive of innovation, reliability, durability, and value to each and every client. Our attributes to our shop finishes are as follows; Steel blasting, Environmentally controlled applications and curing, Certified inspections and documentation, Zinc, epoxy, urethane, Coal Tars, Custom finishes, Wood package prefinishng, Large objects (bridge prefinishing, etc…), Tank linings and more.

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