Q. What are the dimensions of your blast and paint booth?
A. Our blast room, located in Albuquerque, NM, measures 24’ wide x 22’ high and 80 feet long. Our paint booth measures 25’ wide x 22’ high and 100’ long.

Q. What blast media do you use?

A. We use steel grit that can be recycled dozens of times.

Q. What types of safety programs do you maintain?

A. JTC, Inc. typically works on the largest and most technical construction projects throughout New Mexico. Employees are certified for aerial lifts, fall protection, confined space entry, respirator fit and physical, fork lifts etc…

Q. What lifting capabilities do you have at your shop?

A. We have multiple fork lifts in use. Our largest can lift ten tons. We hire a local crane company for larger items.

Q. What types of floor coatings do you install?

A. We install a very wide range of epoxies, urethane, MMA’s, mortar coats, and the list keeps going. Chances are good that we install what you are looking for.

Q. What size and types of coatings projects do you generally perform?

A. We are very diverse in size of job. We have performed very small jobs up to multimillion dollar projects all over New Mexico and the Southwest. However we perform only commercial and industrial coatings projects and have rarely performed residential work.

Q. Do you provide free estimates?

A. Yes we do. Generally, drawings and specifications for new projects are sent to us via e-mail or disc. We will conduct site visits for existing structures.

Q. What types of wall finishes do you install?

A. The list is very long. We are capable of drywall finishing all the way to a multitude of decorative
coatings, protective wall panels, and 54″ vinyl.

Q. Can you assist in coating specifications?

A. Yes, we stay up to date on the latest technology from the most proven manufactures.

Q. Do you travel outside the Albuquerque area?

A. Yes we work throughout New Mexico and occasionally into surrounding states.

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