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JTC, Inc has a very long history as Albuquerque, New Mexico’s (as well as some surrounding areas) most respected architectural and commercial painting contractor. Albuquerque’s landscape is truly our canvas. A significant number of the largest structures in our area and region have been painted and/or finished by JTC, Inc. We also provide on-going maintenance painting for our areas largest facility owners, to ensure quality service and uphold our mission to provide reliability and durability as well as maintain our positive relationships with our past clients, and build a solid relationship with our future clients. As the trusted name among NM commercial painting contractors, our clients range from the area’s largest health care providers to the world’s largest microchip manufacturers.

Architectural Painting for New Construction:

Our high bonding ability and a long history of safety and reliability have made us a top choice for both the largest local builders and the nation’s largest builders that operate in Albuquerque, New Mexico and some of the surrounding areas. As a “turn-key” finishing contractor we successfully install a variety of wall finishes that includes:

54” commercial vinyl wall coverings

  • Multi-color finishes
  • Drywall repairs and finishing
  • Impact resistant wall pan
  • Clear sealers
  • Parking deck coatings
  • Dry erase “wall talkers”
  • Fire proofing
  • Waterproofing

We pride ourselves on negotiating the bulk of our work, giving our clients more options yet upholding the quality painting services and finishes that we provide. JTC, Inc. has long history of working with owners and architects to provide value that exceeds expectation. Over time, we have built such a positive reputation with our past clients that we feel it is our obligation and duty to bring our current and future clients better service, with each and every job.

As the premier NM Commercial Painting Contractors and Architectural Painting experts, we have become valuable in specification consulting for value engineering. We take great pride in our employee involvement in safety and quality; our team is highly qualified and extremely professional. We teach our team to be safe and productive, enforcing each employee to receive safety training in many areas to ensure a safe workplace. This is successfully achieved with training on the job and in classroom courses. JTC, Inc. stresses safety from the moment that we bid a job. All of our jobs involves extensive job hazard analysis, and daily pre-task plans to facilitate and bring the safest environment possible. Throughout our long history, we have created long term relationships by guaranteeing and bringing innovation, reliability, and value for our customers whether they are new or old.

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