Sometimes, community icons like diners deserve a second chance. Just a fresh coat of paint coupled with modern amenities and services can revitalize the establishment for the next several decades. In a post for Diner Hotline dated September 2010, blogger Larry Cultrera writes:

Blue Belle

“It has been a long time coming but the day has finally arrived, the Blue Belle Diner has been reopened at its new location just over the town line from Worcester on Route 70 in Shrewsbury, Mass. The Blue Belle Diner, Worcester Lunch Car No. 814 has been in limbo for 12 years when it was relocated from its long-time home on Prescott Street in Worcester in 1998. In the interim it has been moved to locations in Shrewsbury, Milford, Worcester and Princeton but never put back into service until it landed back in Shrewsbury last year adjacent to Dinky’s Restaurant & Cafe, an on-site built restaurant operated by Bruce Trotto.”

Trotto’s story may be on the East Coast, but it can certainly encourage Albuquerqueans to reminisce on times gone by. The city has a large number of food establishments, with some of them being prominent roadside diners due to the Q’s proximity to Route 66. If you operate a diner that needs a visual trip back in time, consider enlisting architectural and commercial painting contractors in Albuquerque like JTC Inc. for the job.

The odyssey of the Blue Belle and its condition before the reopening should give you clues on where your establishment’s appearance may be fraying. You can then consult your painting specialist on the proper solutions, which will be detailed in a free quote. The lunch car, which dates back to July, 1948, had its porcelain cover panels chipping paint in several locations by the time it was moved to Shrewsbury.

When a period repaint is needed on an old diner, it may suffice to have visual aids for the project and have the contractor take off some parts for the moment. Trotto said the cover panels were sandblasted with very fine grit and the final color scheme was accurate to the original, save for a “Booth Service” corner panel. Its windows and doors were removed while the recesses were boarded up for the paintwork.

You can talk to reputable NM commercial painting contractors like JTC for other services to be implemented on your establishment, such as waterproofing and fireproofing. Cutrera notes that the diner suffered a fire decades ago and when the place reopened, the back-bar area no longer had all its original equipment.

A diner sufficiently equipped for the demands of modern culinary tastes while retaining its original appearance will be an asset to the community. Contact us for an appointment.