Your facility can receive an instant upgrade in aesthetics with an industrial flooring and coating service, and that can have some worthwhile benefits for your company. When visitors from other companies come by, that classy look of an epoxy-coated floor will leave a very positive impression, and if these are people you do business with (or whom you want to do business with), that would be a very good way to impress them.

A new coating on the floor can also affect your own employees, who might gain a boost in morale and company spirit by working in an environment that has greater appeal than the dusty, dirty old flooring of the past. Apart from the aesthetic improvement, though, there are some other reasons why you might want to have a custom flooring and coating service applied in your facility.

Why you should have custom flooring and coating

One of the very first reasons that a great industrial floor coating makes sense is because it prolongs the life of the original flooring underneath. If that happens to be concrete, for instance, a floor coating will reduce or prevent chips and cracks and will protect the investment you originally made on the concrete floor.

Related to that protective theme is the durability imparted to a floor surface by a strong industrial coating. Modern industrial coatings are highly resistant to the normal wear and tear that might be expected on a factory floor or in a large facility like a warehouse. Heavy equipment is often used in such settings, and this kind of pressure on normal floor surfaces can cause real problems—most of which can be avoided by applying a strong industrial coating.

Low maintenance is another big benefit of floor coatings like epoxy and solid polymers, because these are so easy to sweep, mop, and clean, even when there are industrial spills on the floor surface. Spills of oil or chemicals can even seep into some conventional floor surfaces like concrete, and that will leave discoloration as well as a potential health hazard from fumes. The smooth surface of an epoxy coating will allow such spills to be quickly and easily wiped up with no further consequences.

Finally, there is an increased safety factor imparted by a new industrial floor coating that will benefit everyone who walks through your facility. Floors that are resistant to slips and falls can help to reduce accidents at the facility, and it’s worth mentioning that epoxy coatings are even resistant to fires. It may not be able to stop a fire in progress, but the flooring will certainly not contribute to its spread around the building, and it can definitely impede the progress of any fire started on the floor.

Where to find industrial flooring and coating services in Albuquerque

The number one company to contact for Albuquerque industrial flooring and coating services is JTC Inc., where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or provide you with an estimate of work at your facility. Contact us today, and let one of our friendly representatives tell you about how we can help your company enjoy all the advantages mentioned above with your new industrial floor coating.