Industrial epoxy flooring Albuquerque just may be the most versatile flooring in existence. If you’ve ever wondered what makes epoxy flooring so universal and effective, here are some of the most important things to know about the product.

Epoxy Strength

One of most outstanding qualities of epoxy flooring Albuquerque is its strength, and that strength is attributable to chemical bonding between polyepoxide resin and a type of curative. These two agents are mixed prior to being applied to any floor, and that mixing results in the two components being chemically bonded to each other, as well as to the floor itself. The resulting mixture is much stronger than either of the two components comprising it, providing a material that is extremely durable and resistant to peeling, chipping, or denting.

Surface Preparation is Critical

In order to achieve all the benefits of a really good epoxy flooring, surface preparation is absolutely critical. One of the chief agents of potential failure in an epoxy flooring, or any other type of flooring for that matter, is when moisture or humidity has been allowed to creep in on a concrete surface. This prevents the tight bonding described above and causes a much more drawn-out curing process that would otherwise take place.

Difference Between Epoxy Flooring and Coating

You may have thought that industrial epoxy flooring and epoxy coatings are exactly the same things, and while they are similar, there is a technical difference between the two. In order to be considered a flooring, epoxy must be applied at least two millimeters thick; any application in a lesser thickness is considered to be a coating. The practical effect of that difference lies in the fact that flooring thickness provides additional structural support, whereas coating thickness only provides a layer of protection.

Epoxy Flooring Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

While much is made of the functional characteristics of an industrial epoxy flooring or coating, it’s also possible to apply epoxy floorings that are visually beautiful. Industrial floor coatings may sound like they should be dull and unattractive, but in actuality, epoxy floors can be applied in an amazing variety of colors, shades, and even special effects. While most commercial applications tend to opt for more conservative implementations of epoxy, it is also possible to create an epoxy that has a metallic sheen, resembling a desert landscape or possibly a quiet, shimmering ocean surface.

Epoxies Can Also Be Used Outdoors

There is no reason why an epoxy flooring or coating can’t be used outdoors as well as indoors for commercial applications. When used outdoors, epoxy is generally combined with additives, such as gravel or another aggregate, to create a durable surface that can stand up to outdoor usage. This mixture can even be made resistant to persistent sunshine by adding an ultraviolet-resistant coating which extends its shelf life.

Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Flooring Albuquerque

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