Epoxy Floor Contractor in Albuquerque


We’re the best when it comes to epoxy floor coatings in Albuquerque. We provide the most durable epoxy floor coatings for commercial applications in and around Albuquerque. We understand the proper specifications needed to provide the best possible service for your commercial needs. If you’re in need of an epoxy flooring contractor in Albuquerque, our knowledgeable staff, and field technicians are standing by, ready to help you.


Why epoxy flooring?


The benefits that you receive from epoxy flooring in Albuquerque are considerable – the hard surface is highly resistant to cracks, chips, abrasions, and stains: You work hard, and you need epoxy floor coatings that worker harder. We work with local resin manufacturers and insist in following all specifications to achieve the best possible epoxy flooring solution for our clients. It is important to us that your epoxy floor coatings are installed properly. Our constant focus is value for our clients. And properly installed epoxy floor coatings from a certified epoxy flooring contractor like us, will provide the best value.


JTC, Inc. Credentials


When looking for an epoxy flooring contractor in Albuquerque, people sometimes ask about NACE certifications. JTC employs several NACE-certified inspectors, NACE being the national organization which oversees corrosion testing, coatings for industry, and cathodic protection. Our highly qualified specialists are fully certified for conducting coating inspections on your premises, should you have need of those services. That means that you can count on the best industry-approved practices to be used in the installation of your epoxy flooring in Albuquerque, or wherever else you happen to be in New Mexico.
Some of the other services we provide for our clients include mortar coatings for concrete surfaces, containment linings for tanks and other large receptacles, chemically-resistant coating systems, steel finishes, and restorations which have the appearance of brand new flooring. In addition to these professional services, we like to include our superior customer service, because we really do everything we possibly can to ensure that all jobs are done exactly according to our client’s specifications. We aren’t happy with a job until you are!
If you are looking for the best epoxy flooring contractor in Albuquerque you, have come to the right place. Give us a call today!