There’s no better way to add life to your commercial or industrial facility’s exterior than by the effective application of architectural painting services. No matter what your building exterior might be constructed of, it can be made to last longer and withstand abuse from weather and other forces. All materials, including concrete blocks, steel, plaster, drywall, wood, and others can all be fortified through a commercial painting so that they provide a more powerful barrier against climate conditions and protect the valuable contents inside.


How the process works

The first step toward effective architectural painting service calls for cleaning the exterior, either through sand-blasting or power-washing, so that dirt, debris, and possibly manufacturing grime and old paint can all be removed completely. The building is then painted with conventional sprayers, Airless sprayers, or low-pressure equipment.

Specialized equipment is then used to apply a coating such as polyurethane or special paint, which makes the exterior virtually impervious to corrosion, water, and fire. In some cases, architectural finishing services may be required on buildings that have metallic exteriors so that they can be prepared for a coating that will last as long as possible.


Related finishing services


There are some services provided to industrial or commercial operations by versatile coating contractors that go hand in hand with the coating preservation itself. Thermal cleaning involves the use of heat to de-grease, oil, or other absorbing materials that can deface and degrade an exterior. De-greasing can also be effective at removing grease by means of various solvents or vapors.

Scale, rust, dirt, abrasive dust, and other surface materials can be scored away by the use of spraying systems. In this operation, a pressurized stream of water mixed with a cleaning agent or detergent is trained in a specific area of the building to apply a powerful cleaning force. A specialized stripping service is sometimes required to eliminate old paints, plated layers, or coatings through the use of either a mechanical or chemical process, which effectively removes all unwanted materials to prepare a surface for treatment.


Where to find architectural painting services


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