Commercial painting and coating services have to be done in the most reliable manner possible because the objects being painted or coated have to perform to the highest specifications in their respective classes and must withstand the rigors of daily operation without being degraded. The industrial in-shop coating protects your large metal objects and equipment so they can be relatively immune to the effects of corrosion and other harmful processes that might otherwise eat away at them.

However, some pieces of very large equipment can’t fit into certain service areas, making painting or coating problematic. Applying coatings in an outdoor setting is not usually a good solution because wind and other elements can disrupt the process and make for uneven application. This makes it important to find a professional painting and coating service that can accommodate large equipment in-shop so that a high-quality job can be done, without difficulties arising to slow down the process.

The Right Equipment, The Right Setting

To find the best Albuquerque in-shop coating services, it isn’t necessary to look any further than JTC Inc., located right in the city on 248 Woodward Rd. SE. There is no better equipped or better-monitored facility in the entire state, and probably a lot further away than that. Not only are the shop personnel highly qualified and well-trained to carry out their professional specialties, but you can always count on any kind of blasting or coating operation to be monitored or reviewed by NACE-certified coating inspectors to ensure a job well done.

The blast room itself is 22 ft. tall and is able to accommodate even the largest industrial equipment if necessary. It’s also 25 ft. wide and 80 ft. long, so just about anything built of metal can comfortably fit inside for convenient blasting operations. The most high-tech equipment on the market is used to for all operations, so that time can be saved for customers who need the job done quickly, as well as to ensure consistency and maximum quality on each and every job.

For painting and coating jobs, the same 25 ft. wide dimensions are available, as well as 22 ft. of height, but the length of the paint room is 100 ft., so even the longest pieces of equipment can be accommodated. If necessary, this enormous commercial paint room can be partitioned into several smaller rooms so as to allow several pieces to be coated all at once, each in their own separate partition. This is another feature that can speed up a large job where many objects need to be painted or coated simultaneously, rather than one after another.

In short, JTC Inc. has the right equipment and the right setting to get all your commercial blasting, coating, and painting accomplished in the shortest possible time frame, and at an affordable price, so that you can immediately start using your equipment, or make use of the coated objects, as they were intended to be.

Albuquerque In-Shop Coating Services 

When your company has need of in-shop coating services in Albuquerque, the place to go is JTC Inc., where the most modern facility will be used, along with the most modern painting and coating techniques to do the best job in the Albuquerque region. Contact us at JTC Inc. with any questions you might have or for a free estimate and see why area commercial enterprises consistently choose us for their industrial painting and coating needs.