Industrial Epoxy Flooring is a combination of various hardening agents and resins, which when mixed together, react chemically to create a very hard plastic material. The material which is created by the combination of the two substances bonds extremely well to base layers. It’s also very strong and resistant to a great number of actions and substances which would harm ordinary flooring.
Floors covered with epoxy are usually so strong that they are well-suited to industrial environments, sports facilities, and hospitals – any facility which might experience a very heavy volume of traffic on its floors. If you have some kind of commercial facility which needs an easy to maintain there is definitely an epoxy solution for you. Here are several of the most popular epoxy flooring systems that you might want to install. And depending on your specific needs, one of them is certain to be perfect for your installation.


Epoxy flake floors


These type of epoxy floors include colored chips or flakes, which are meant to create vibrant, colorful surfaces that are both resilient and appealing to the eye. The chips serve double duty, in that they are both visually appealing, and have a rough character to them which discourages slips and falls for anyone walking on them.


Self-leveling epoxy floors


This kind of epoxy floor is generally applied over an old surface, often a damaged concrete floor, or some other older surface, to create a smooth and durable, low-maintenance flooring surface. This kind of system is best when you need resistance against abrasions, heat, chemicals, and resistance to slipping and falling.


Anti-static Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Many work environments are made slightly unsafe by the potential for electrostatic charges, and this anti-static epoxy flooring system contains a material which is conductive and discharges electricity to a ground, so potential dangers are vastly reduced. This is an excellent type of flooring system for usage in environments which have flammable materials, for instance at manufacturing facilities or chemical and pharmaceutical outlets.


Quartz filled epoxy floors


A quartz epoxy system manages to combine colored quartz grains with high-performance epoxy polymer resins to create a multi-functional floor that is commonly used in restrooms, cafeterias, lobbies, offices, and locker rooms. The flooring system that is created is slip resistant, extremely easy to maintain, decorative, and very long-lasting.


Epoxy mortar floors


This is the strongest Industrial Epoxy Flooring system available on the market today. It’s an ultra-tough, seamless system made entirely with quartz sand and solids epoxy, then put into place using hand trowels. Mortar systems such as these are extremely chemical resistant, and also highly resistant to any kind of impact. Epoxy mortar floors are often used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, garages, restaurants, and all kinds of commercial facilities, where heavy equipment like forklifts would be used.

Albuquerque Epoxy Flooring

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