Floors are among the few aspects of industrial and commercial construction that have to be done right the first time. Once an industrial operation gets underway, there won’t be any downtime to carry out floor repairs unless the facility shuts down temporarily and risks losing millions of dollars in revenue. It is, therefore, imperative that floors in places such as airport hangars, auto showrooms, and others have the necessary protective coating to ensure durability.


One of the best floor coatings for industrial facilities in Albuquerque, NM is epoxy. Epoxy coatings were developed to toughen metal substrates and make them more durable. An article on BubbleWS.com emphasizes this advantage over powder coatings:

Epoxy floor coatings are an obvious choice to make when considering the issue of protection of floors, commercial or industrial. Epoxy is suitable for concrete and metal flooring types which are used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, airline hangers, auto dealer showrooms and garage bay floors. It is a liquid material which is hardened into a new surface upon its application over the older one, and has been used commercially for well over 70 years. It is commonly understood to act as a protecting agent for any surface upon which it is applied.

Below are more reasons why industrial facility builders in New Mexico and nearby states should consider epoxy flooring from Albuquerque companies such as JTC Inc.

Resistant to Liquid Spills

Industrial plant flooring receives a lot of foot traffic and is open to frequent spillage. Epoxy flooring is highly chemical in composition and is resistant to liquid spills that may seep through the floor material; as the epoxy coating prevents water from going below the surface, it also maintains the floor’s original finish. Epoxy coating is beneficial to common floor surfaces like concrete, which often absorbs liquid spillage.

Protects Surfaces from Abrasion

Industrial facilities also accommodate heavy equipment, owing to their nature of business. Epoxy coatings help protect the floor from damage produced by heavy equipment and vehicles. The impact between floor and heavy vehicle could potentially put the equipment in bad shape, but thanks to epoxy coating, the vehicle can move around smoothly.

Easy to Clean

Since epoxy flooring is resistant to water, oil, chemicals, grease and other solvents, it is easier to clean and maintain. Dirt can be mopped away without hassle, and grease can be removed with the use of a soft cleaning solution. This reduces the cost of maintenance over the long term.

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting the floors of an airline building, a healthcare facility or a microchip manufacturing plant, administrators should look into epoxy floor coating or industrial painting from Albuquerque providers that have served these industries for years.


(Article excerpt and image from: “Some Benefits of Using Epoxy Floor Coatings,” BubbleWS, November 8, 2013)