Industrial Flooring and Restoration in Albuquerque

There are a number of reasons why you should consider installing or restoring your industrial flooring in Albuquerque. First of all, it will look much better than the worn-out flooring you have now, which may even have hazardous cracks in it, or might be completely worn through in high-traffic areas. A great new flooring system made of epoxy can make your floor much more resistant to stains, and it can make clean-up operations a whole lot easier to carry out.


More benefits provided by new industrial flooring 

Some industries like pharmaceutical, food, and restaurant businesses are mandated by the FDA to have flooring installed that is free of cracks or holes, because insects and mold can easily grow and proliferate in such places. Non-porous floors such as epoxy surfaces fulfill this requirement nicely and exclude the possibility of unwanted bacterial growth. If your industrial flooring has been exposed to years of heavy traffic, for instance in a warehouse environment, it’s very likely that your flooring has become worn and exposed, or that spalling has occurred, with numerous little parts broken off and presenting a hazard to employees.

Maintaining a clean industrial floor is always much better for employee morale and for their general safety as well. When you always have a clean floor surface, the aesthetics are much more appealing, and this is far better than having a dirty, dusty floor, which can cause employees to become disenchanted with the work environment. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this can also have an impact on employee productivity, and that it can also affect quality control in the workplace.


Types of industrial flooring available from JTC Coatings, Inc.

JTC Inc. had its origins way back in 1968, and it has been refining its services and products ever since that time, so as to provide the very best to businesses in the Albuquerque region. When you contact us, we’ll be able to discuss your industrial flooring needs intelligently and provide you with the best solution for both your budget and your commercial needs. It might be a simple two-component epoxy flooring system, which is either clear or pigmented, and which can handle normal to moderate traffic at your business.

Then again, you might need an overlay epoxy flooring system, which is a three-component system, installed up to 5/16″ thick and is mixed as an epoxy mortar. This heavy-duty flooring system is often used to restore concrete that has become badly worn and is in serious need of an upgrade. Extremely heavy traffic is often the cause of flooring to become worn in this way, and because heavy traffic is also anticipated for the future, a very serious solution is called for to restore the concrete and to protect it against future wear and tear.

We can also install a system for you that will deliver cracked and spalled construction joint repairs, which are capable of repairing any kind of holes or cracks in concrete pads, and to make sure that construction joints are completely filled. In some industries, FDA and USDA regulations require that such floor surfaces be maintained to a specific standard and that they can be cleaned easily. Our flooring systems meet and exceed these requirements, and you can expect all industrial flooring systems to be installed by JTC Inc. with the utmost professionalism and friendly service.


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