Different parts of industrial or commercial buildings and structures in Albuquerque need an industrial coating to avoid surface problems like corrosion and cracking.

Even the most durable materials for industrial and commercial sites, like concrete, can get damaged from constant exposure to heavy loads, harsh chemicals, and moisture. This is particularly true for concrete flooring in garages and parking lots, as well as other sites in Albuquerque which get subjected to heavy tire traffic.

testing a concrete floor for moisture

This is where the extra layer of protection provided by industrial, commercial coatings for Albuquerque structures come in. In addition to their protective qualities, excellent industrial coatings can make a drab flooring look better, and require less maintenance.

One of the most commonly used types of coating for concrete is epoxy. However, as a porous material, concrete can store moisture, and moisture is a natural enemy of epoxy. Too much moisture can cause the epoxy coating to peel off easily. Before the pros apply this coating, therefore, they will need to test the moisture content of the concrete floor.

An article posted on About.com describes two of the most common methods of doing this:

  • “Using duct tape, fasten pieces of heavy plastic or aluminum foil (about 20 inches square) to several spots on the floor. Check the squares every few days. If you find moisture on the bottom, you have moisture in the slab. Moisture on the top, more common in a basement, is a sign of condensation from high humidity in the room. Moisture on both sides means that you have moisture in the air and in the slab.
    • You may need to order your calcium-chloride moisture testing materials online (search for “calcium chloride test”). Once you receive your test supplies, follow instructions for preparing the floor. This may involve having to grind the surface and conducting a simple pH test. Then set the proper number of test kits (three, in a typical two-car garage, which should cost about $50 total) on the floor, as directed by the manufacturer.”

    The above-mentioned methods are simple enough that they can be done by amateurs for their own garages, or any other concrete floor applications at home. Industrial and commercial sites, however, will require more thorough testing, given the size and thickness of flooring in these structures.

    Facility owners and managers, therefore, have to rely on the services of reputable Albuquerque industrial painting companies, like JTC Coatings. These professionals can perform more comprehensive testing and evaluations that will help them decide if an epoxy coating is appropriate for a concrete floor. If not, these experts can recommend other types of industrial coating that will provide longer-lasting protection for any other surface type.

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