Many people judge the worth of a restaurant based on how long it’s been in business. After all, a restaurant that has stood the test of time could only mean they serve delicious food, right? However, just because time helps increase the value of a restaurant, it doesn’t mean your establishment needs to look dated.

Every now and then, a restaurant owner needs to hire experienced Albuquerque commercial painting contractors to apply a fresh coat of paint to their restaurant. If your restaurant has reached that point in time, here are a few tips to help make the repainting project go off without a hitch:

painting ideas for a restaurant

Inform your customers beforehand.

To repaint your restaurant, you may need to close shop for a few days. As such, you may want to leave a sign that redirects customers to one of your other branches. At the very least, inform loyal patrons or hang that “soon closing for renovation” sign at least three days in advance

Choose colors wisely.

Studies show that colors can help influence the mood of people. As such, it is incredibly important for restaurants to choose a color scheme that facilitates the ambience you want your restaurant to project. An article from eHow explains further:

People don’t just dine at restaurants because they want to leave the cooking to someone else. They also want to escape, to forget the world outside the front door. Paint colors can facilitate this sense of escape. Cool colors, like shades of blue, green and lilac, are known for their ability to put people at ease […].

If you feel as if cool colors don’t suit the look you want for your restaurant, you can choose to add warm colors instead:

Psychologists report that warm colors introduce excitement and energy into a business. Warm colors are those you might expect to see in a sunset: red, orange and yellow. […] Red has been found to aid in concentration and detail work while both red and orange are believed to stimulate appetite […].

Clean and clear your restaurant.

Thoroughly clean your walls a day before having painters apply the fresh coat. Dust and oil disrupts paint’s ability to bond with a surface. Any furniture or removable fixture should be moved to a different location to give the painters more room to operate, as well as to prevent paint from staining tables and chairs.

Repainting your restaurant should be treated as a work of art—and just like any piece of art, its value is defined by the hands that craft it. With that in mind, make sure you work with established NM commercial painting contractors like JTC Coatings Inc.