As with any other professional in the Albuquerque, NM area, you can find a whole slew of commercial painting service contractors just by running your finger down the telephone listings or by doing an online search. But that’s not the end of the story, of course—that just gives you a pool to pick from. The real selection process begins after that when you have to find some way of separating one from another and determining which one best fits your needs.

To help you in your quest, the following checklist is offered, and after you’ve compared some of the leading candidates to the criteria listed below, the pool should have dwindled to just one or two. We hope that your selection process finds JTC Inc. Commercial/Industrial Coatings to be one of the surviving firms best able to accommodate your requirements.


Commercial Painting Albuquerque Checklist


There should be six major areas of professional qualification that your commercial painting service contractors are measured against:

  • Reviews/References– the right contractor should have a pretty thick catalog of good references from prior clients about work similar to the kind you need doing. Online reviews should also reflect favorably on the contractor.
  • Solid experience and management– look for years of experience in the industry, a good system of providing estimates, a willingness to supply detailed written proposals, and a strong support staff ready to answer all questions and offer assistance when necessary.
  • Safety mindset– the contractor must be compliant with all OSHA standards, should have an approved safety and training program such as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and certification for working in confined spaces, observes standard procedures for man-lift, rigging, fall protection, and scaffolding, and has a policy for communicating potential hazards to workers before starting any job.
  • Employee hiring standards– a drug and alcohol testing program should be in place, fitness and health testing are preferred, and background checks should be run to ensure that quality employees are doing the actual work.
  • Staff members and workers– a multi-lingual staff is a definite plus, should have project managers and supervisors on the job, staff should include a number of professionally trained painters, and the contractor should be able to immediately undertake any kind of commercial painting project.
  • Responsiveness– contractor should always be accessible and should provide project updates, calls should be returned promptly, and they should have project management software for large-scale jobs, along with modern electronic invoicing.

Albuquerque Commercial Painting


You may not come across a commercial painting contractor who meets every single criterion listed above, but it’s important that your chosen candidate meet most of these so you can have the assurance that you’re working with a well-qualified and well-managed professional business. Commercial painting projects tend to be much bigger in scale than residential projects and can also involve services that are much different than ordinary painting, so qualifications really do matter.

At JTC Inc. Commercial/Industrial Coating, we can also provide mortar coats, steel finishing, chemical-resistant coating systems, concrete finishes, and containment linings to satisfy your commercial coating and painting requirements. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment for an estimate. Let us show you how well we match up to the ideal requirements listed on the checklist above.