Probably most people have an understanding of what epoxy flooring services are, and many residents of New Mexico are aware that JTC Inc. is the company to turn to for the finest epoxy flooring service in Albuquerque—but do you know how an epoxy floor coating is different from an ordinary floor paint? There are, in fact, several differences that make an epoxy floor coating vastly superior to simple floor painting, and this article will attempt to make those differences clear.


The composition of an ordinary floor paint, such as the one you might use in your garage or on the floor of a commercial building, is generally either water-based or oil-based. Oil-based paints are generally used on flooring because they are more durable and can withstand more traffic punishment than other types of paint. On the other hand, epoxy flooring has a two-part composition, one being the resin and the other being a hardening agent. As you can tell from the ingredients list, epoxy is formulated for the express purpose of withstanding abuse and providing maximum protection to the flooring it rests on.


Another big difference between epoxy flooring is in how they adhere or stick to the surface they are applied to. Floor paint has no special ability to adhere to a surface that it’s used on, but epoxy is a totally different story. Because of its composition, epoxy behaves very much like glue and clings tenaciously to any surface that it’s painted on or applied to.


While there’s no doubt that if a high-quality paint were to be used as a floor coating, it could be made to look quite presentable, it probably cannot reach the same level of appeal that an epoxy flooring can achieve. The epoxy coating, once it has fully dried, will have a high-gloss finish that makes it look brand new every time it gets swept or washed. No conventional paint can look this good, even if several coats are applied and great care is taken during application.


An epoxy floor coating is waterproof and virtually immune to mold and mildew, both of which contribute to its standard long life expectancy. The same cannot be said for ordinary floor paints because they simply cannot repel moisture like an epoxy can. Because of the resin and hardening agent composition it has, epoxy can withstand years and years of foot traffic, small vehicle traffic, and even spills and stains of all kinds of materials. When any of these elements of abuse are inflicted on floor paint, resistance begins to lower, and the floor surface starts getting more and more vulnerable.

Albuquerque Epoxy Flooring Services

For sure, your company could install a floor paint covering for less money than it would cost for a high-quality professionally installed epoxy floor, and if cost is your overriding concern, that might be the way to go. But even when you have a tight budget, it’s worth considering that you’re likely to get much longer used from an epoxy floor than one that is cheaper now but has to be replaced a lot sooner.

For any questions, you may have about the various types of epoxy flooring services in Albuquerque that can be quickly and efficiently implemented by your JTC Inc. professionals, contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer all questions and provide you with a free estimate of work to be done.