Most industrial businessmen in the state of New Mexico are aware that the best industrial coating services in Albuquerque are those provided by JTC, Inc. We have earned that reputation in Albuquerque and the rest of the state by delivering floor coatings and equipment coating services that stand the test of time and offer high-performance value to each and every client we collaborate with.


Protect your valuable industrial equipment


Everyone knows about how reliable and appealing our floor coatings are for industrial environments, but we also provide the highest-quality equipment protection with our industrial coatings. Any company that has made a considerable investment in a large piece of equipment wants to protect that investment and get the absolute most service out of it before it has to be retired. One way to help preserve and extend the life of such industrial equipment is to protect it as much as possible, especially from all the elements and rough usage it will have to endure during its shelf life.

That’s where JTC comes in. We maintain and operate the finest facility in the state of New Mexico for in-house blasting and coating of large equipment. When we first set out to build our most advanced and technologically capable facility, we had maximum customer service in mind, and we fully intended to make our coating services the best in the region.

To ensure that every task we take on is handled with the utmost professionalism and skill, we have all work supervised by NACE-certified coating inspectors, and everyone on our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in the profession.


State-of-the-art blasting/painting/coating

Even the largest piece of equipment is no problem for our 100-foot-long painting booth, which is also 25 feet wide and 22 feet in height. That allows us to accommodate virtually anything you have in mind comfortably. If need be, our giant blasting and paint booth can be sub-divided so that multiple tasks can be handled concurrently. This helps to shorten delivery time if you happen to have several pieces that require blasting/coating at the same time and have time constraints associated with the work.

Our methods and equipment are the most advanced in the industry, and that’s why we can deliver the high-quality results that we promise to all clients. We also engage all our employees in our quality and safety efforts for all work, so both are routinely included as part of every job. This kind of employee involvement means job satisfaction for our staff and serves as a source of pride in their work—all of which benefits you, our customers.


Albuquerque industrial coating services

When you have need of Albuquerque industrial coating services for your heavy equipment, we hope you will contact us at JTC, Inc., where we will do our very best to clean and protect your valuable equipment for long-term high performance. You can be sure that the job will be done right the first time with JTC, and we feel very confident that once you’ve worked with our skilled coating specialists, you won’t want to take your valuable equipment anywhere else for coating service.