Having the years of experience and expertise to do in-shop blasting and coating is an essential component of being a successful company in the business of applying high-performance industrial coatings to structural steel. The end user’s only defense against corrosion will rest on proper installation and longevity of the coating system.

To protect your investment in business-critical equipment and structures, you should entrust it to experts like those at JTC Inc. of Albuquerque, who have been honing their craft and adding to their expertise for the past 44 years. Our in-shop coating services are literally without equal in the region, and when coupled with the best customer service, you simply couldn’t make a better choice for sprucing up your valuable business equipment.

Risks of choosing the wrong coating company

Here are some of the things that can go wrong when you don’t choose the right commercial in-shop blasting facility or coating service:

  • Surface inadequately prepared for painting – The blasting part of an operation has to be handled exactly right so that the equipment surface is fully prepared for the coating or painting that follows. If the blasting is spotty, then the surface coating won’t be able to cover up any blemishes in the work.
  • Painting not up to snuff – There’s always the possibility that even after an adequate job of blasting to prepare the equipment surface for painting or coating, the actual coating is poorly done. When this happens, the overall appearance can be less than appealing, and it can leave the surface vulnerable to future corrosion from rust and other elements.
  • The contractor cannot handle workload – If you don’t choose the right contractor to have your blasting/coating done, they may not have the manpower or expertise to get the job done correctly and on time. For a business-critical piece of equipment, this means you will have to wait longer for completion, and during all that waiting, you’ll be losing business.
  • Inadequate work areas cause longer lead times – Some blasting/coating facilities only have a single work area to conduct operations in, and often, the size of that area can’t really accommodate larger pieces of equipment. If either of these scenarios holds true, your equipment will be waiting somewhere to be worked on, because every job will have to be done in succession, rather than having several tasks being worked on concurrently.

Your in-shop coating company in Albuquerque

Whenever you require expert professional coating or painting services for any of your industrial coating needs we hope you’ll think of us first at JTC Inc., where we have a state-of-the-art facility for blasting and painting to achieve the look of brand new equipment for our customers. We offer the best service at the most affordable prices in the entire surrounding area, so please contact us to discuss any questions you may have or if you’d like an estimate on work you need to be done.