The best time of the year for commercial painting projects is a time when you can expect warm, dry conditions because that’s when the paint dries the best, and you get the best results for your efforts. That being so, it’s time for projects involving commercial painting in Albuquerque to get underway, or at least to get some serious planning attention. If you have such a project in mind, now is the time to contact your preferred commercial painter like JTC Inc., the premier commercial painting specialists in the region.

Impact of Weather

If your commercial painting project includes exterior work, we will make sure to take into account the weather conditions for that part of the project. For instance, any wet weather happening right before exterior painting could delay the work while surfaces dry out, and if there are huge swings of temperature between night and day, that might cause the paint to cure improperly.

Fortunately, the experienced professionals at JTC Inc. are well aware of all the various effects that weather can have on exterior painting, and we make sure that steps are taken to prevent any negative results, even if that means deferring some part of the work until more favorable conditions are in effect. We also specialize in many interior painting projects that protect flooring and valuable equipment, as described just below.

Albuquerque Commercial Painting Projects

There are a number of different kinds of commercial painting projects which businesses typically require in the Albuquerque area, and our JTC Inc. specialists have had a wealth of experience at all of them. After almost half a century in business, we have had plenty of time to learn exactly what clients need in the way of commercial painting and can respond with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail on every project.

Contact us for any of the following services, and if you don’t see your specific project listed below, call us anyway, and we can discuss it:

  • Industrial applications– flooring can be painted with urethane, zinc, or epoxy to provide high-quality protection for your industrial floors and make them safer for all employees
  • Chemical-resistant coatings– especially useful for factory environments, surfaces can be protected against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasive materials, while also making any cleanups much easier
  • Steel and concrete finishes– we can apply sealers and finishes that will protect your valuable equipment or other surfaces from harmful agents
  • Mortar coatings– protect your concrete surfaces against high-impact damage and against any kind of chemical hazards
  • Containment linings– for any large tanks or other containers that need protection against chemicals, fuel storage, water, gas, or oil

JTC Inc. for Commercial Painting in Albuquerque

Whatever kind of commercial painting project you were thinking of for your Albuquerque business, call us at JTC Inc. to get a free estimate on the cost of the venture. Now is the best time of the year to get your project scheduled, so that you can avoid the busiest part of the year and be sure to get the work done. You can expect the very highest quality of work and materials to be used on your Albuquerque commercial painting project, as well as receiving the best customer service in the area. Let JTC Inc. show you why we are the region’s premier company for all commercial painting projects!