For both commercial and industrial coatings, and sometimes even residential, there are few coating solutions that are as advantageous to install as an epoxy coating. When the epoxy is in its liquid state, it has the very useful quality of being able to bond securely with practically any surface imaginable. That makes it extremely useful for commercial and industrial coatings in Albuquerque, such as floor coatings, equipment coatings, and even for use as barriers in construction environments to prevent vapors from passing into flooring, eventually triggering mold growth. Epoxy can also be used in electrical applications to coat materials that must be kept waterproof, thereby avoiding potential damage to sensitive electrical equipment and materials.

What Exactly is Epoxy?

Albuquerque commercial and industrial coatings of epoxy actually consist of two different components that make up the epoxy floor coatings you see on factory floors and other commercial or industrial environments. The first component is the epoxy resin itself, which is a clear liquid having little or no odor, and this is combined with a dark-colored hardening agent that would be recognizable by its ammonia smell.

When these two components are combined, a chemical reaction takes place that has the effect of curing and hardening the epoxy resin so that a new substance is created. This new substance has a very hard and durable finish that has the appearance of plastic, and it has the properties of being able to repel moisture or chemicals, while its hardness makes it ideal for flooring because it can withstand a high volume of traffic for a very long time. When applied to a concrete foundation, for instance, it has the ability to protect the concrete from any damage and to ensure that no water, stains, or chemicals can penetrate into the concrete.

The Universal Coating

When used as a floor coating, epoxy coatings can either be applied to a single layer or as a double coating. Either way, the epoxy needs to be mixed and applied by a professional so that the proper mixture can be created and applied to achieve maximum effectiveness. Single coatings can be used when there is a time constraint for the quick protection of an underlying base, but double coatings can provide an extra layer of protection and can significantly increase the long-term durability of the coating.

Because of its highly protective qualities, epoxy can be used to coat any number of surfaces that need to be kept free of moisture and staining and need to last a long time. There are few commercial and industrial coatings in Albuquerque that have the usefulness and effectiveness of an epoxy coating.

Find Out for Yourself

If you have any kind of application that calls for Albuquerque commercial and industrial coatings, you should find out for yourself just what a superb coating epoxy can be for your business environment. Contact the professionals at JTC Inc. with any questions you may have, or to get an estimate of the work and cost needed for whatever kind of coating job you have in mind.